Sunday, November 21, 2021

Planning a New V&V / Mighty Protectors Campaign : Sources of Inspiration Old & New (The Phantom)


I'm starting to put together my plans for the Vigilant Multiverse campaign, and as a result I'm looking for sources of inspiration I can liberally pillage for ideas. I'm discovering that sometime it's good to go back to primary sources.  

I recently came a cross the complete Phantom serials from 1943 on YouTube ( all 15 Episodes ). 

By today's standards it's full of problems, but yet its still a great deal of fun. The storytelling is a little clich√©, but not terribly so. 

Game Masters could learn a trick or two from the way in which this serial move the plot along using dialog and action. The fight scenes are short and serve to move the plot forward. It really drives home the importance of using "mooks" against the hero(es). Most of the Phantoms fight are again 3 - 5 "mooks". One on One fights are rare and really represent a upping of the stakes for the Phantom, and those around him.

There are just so many little treasures in this old "pulp" serial that its really worth a watch for game Masters.

Anyways thanks for reading

Erik a.k.a Midnight


  1. Old Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Batman serials are equally as inspirational and available on YouTube (or they were, I haven't looked recently).

    Combat in these games is always an issue as it can slow everything down to a grind, so I wish you good luck in speeding this element up. There's definitely an argument for "one hit and he's down" mooks in supers games.

    Glad to see you're still persevering with your campaign. I hope it bears more fruit than my own, which has withered and died as my mind wanders in other directions.

    1. Tim My Mind Wander Quite a bite and it a mental effort to force my self back tp it sometimes, even though it is something that I really want to do. I will definitely confess that my motivation is extremely low right now.