Monday, November 27, 2023

Channel Spotlight: The Dungeon Minister


I absolutely love this channel !! It’s very entertaining.
This wonderful Anglican Priest from Ontario. Does wonderful recaps of the weekly games he has with his 3 Boys and his wife. They’re very entertaining and got me through many rough days when I was recovering from my cancer treatments !!
Am I the only one here who knows about this wonderful Cleric!!

Anyways thanks for reading.

Erik a.k.a Midnight

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Planning a New Villains & Vigilantes Campaign : The Inevitable Decision Has Been Made.


I finally got to have a true test drive of the Mighty Protectors / Villains &Vigilantes 3.0 rules last night thanks to my dear friend, and amazing gamemaster, P. Michael Hodge. Now while I will pretty much play any superhero role playing game and thoroughly enjoy myself. But, as many know I have been searching a long time for my Holy Grail / forever superhero roleplaying game system (SHRPG) to invest my time an creative energies in (such as they may be) to gamemaster myself.

During the test drive of Mighty Protectors (henceforth referred to as MP), which was a amazing amount of fun, I discovered may to the rules as written (RAW) didn't work out in a manner which was to my taste as a GM. I recently discover that I like a more narratively flexible rules system, which is probably why I've always been pathologically opposed to point buy systems. For me MP's predecessor V&V 2 and V&V 2.1 fit that bill in a much better way. 

I guess, in many ways, I'm a adherent to the OSR (Old School Renaissance) philosophy of gaming which espouses a more "ruling over rules" approach to role playing games. I appreciate a game with a lighter rule set that is much more tolerant to house ruling, when necessary, without having to have a deep comprehension of underling rules architecture.

As a result, I have finally decided to embrace my stubborn undying love of the first superhero roleplaying game I ever played - Villains & Vigilantes 2.x. now I don't know if anybody will ever play under me as a game master using this system but should they want to play a SHRPG that I run as a game master it will have to be V&V2.x. 

The search for me, is over. Now onto the to turning the decision into an actuallyity, it will probably take quite a while but at least I now have a definitve focus for my energies.

Anyways thanks for reading.

Erik a.k.a Midnight